Sewed it on Sunday! Easy dino mittens

It doesn't snow here like it use to when I was little... this year not even a trace, hardly even a frost BOOOOO!! Yup im one of those annoying people who L-O-V-E-S snow!! It makes the world so quite and it smells so so so yummy. To this day if they think it might snow I can not sleep I get that excited (Although im the same way with carnival rides and good sales:) ) But just because there isn't any snow doesn't mean we all cant rock out with some cool mittens! I think I saw a pair like this on Pinterest... but then again what isn't on Pinterest? Either way I remembered when I was reading Danger the 3 little kittens that lost there mittens.. and I thought fat boy needs some mittens and since he spends most this time stalking around the house growling at people I figured dino mittens for sure!

Here is what you need..
Scrap fleece... enough for 4 hands
more scraps for embellishments
tiny elastic

Make dad hold baby and force him to let you trace his hand... he will give you this look but keep going despite his feelings :) (yes that is blue sharpie on his face..)

cut out your print 4 times (for this I only did one time tracing cut out on a fold then flipped it and cut out the other way on the fold)

Next make some embellishments to fit whatever kinda critter your making (note: im having Brooklyn make kitten mittens and Colton make shark ones in the morning)

Place inside with right sides facing together.

Pin and sew around.

Next measure baby's wrist... again despite his feelings go ahead and do it.. baby's can be so judge mental sometimes. I used the same amount of elastic as his wrist.

Pin end of elastic and PULL as you sew... not to much but enough to go all the way around your glove (Note: im a self taught sewing which means this might not be technically right but its what I did and it worked:) )

Fold inside right and try to get baby to put them on... after refusing convince your 7 year old to put them on and make them eat said baby... he will be making his size dinos tomorrow after school.

Make fun of baby for hating every thing you try to put on him then give him some egg nog for being a good sport.

Ta Da dino mittens, made from scraps so no real loss if you kittens loose their mittens!


  1. Love love love these! Your boys are adorable!

  2. Awesome. Seriously adorable.
    Greetings from Germany


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