My first project!

Well hello there blogger land! I got a sewing machine for mothers day.. lol its not as bad as it sounds! Its actually the only thing my misguided husband has gotten me that I have asked for. I decided one day that im crafty enough.. why not try to make my daughter a dress, alas i didnt even know how to sew with a needle and thread, oh what to do?! So I mentioned to him I thought I would like one, and behold there is was in all it glory, and by glory I mean it scared me lol. Everything suddenly seemed so unforgiving, so I sat and staired at it for a few days. I turned it on .. turned it off.. played with the moveable parts.. pretended like I was going to use it... Then my little lou said she wanted to go fishing. I was very tempted to pull out my pile of scrap book paper and make her a paper version but then I looked online... WOW!!!! Talk about the whole wide world! So about 12 hours of saving favorite projects from you crafty people... I decided to turn on the machine... and this is what I got! (I will plug in who I was inspired by once I figure out how to do that)

OK not best picture because it was on my cell phone... which is constantly being covered by little kid stickys, but you get the point... I got to say I they were pleased how it came out and spent the rest of the day playing over the back of the couch and off the toy boxes. I wasnt as thrilled but hey it was the first time I have ever sewn as there ya go! I have a hard time controlling speed (its sew easy to plow thru it, total pun intended!) Well anyways.. there ya go! Next project I think will be a gift for my SIL ... she is exspecting triplets! YEAh for sewing machines!