12 hour birthday room redo

This is my 3 year old daughters room. Its been painted like this since we found out we were having a girl. Pretty pink and sweet. A bit of a mix, lots of stuff, and a few 'baby' ish pictures. So last night we coned nana into having the kids spend the night so we could have a night off... but really we were planning a super cool birthday suprise for miss Brooklyn. So we dropped them off, and then started priming (you would think the brown would give us issues... turns out priming over pink stinks) and then two coats of 'big girl' paint, and a new 'big girl' bed set and some 'big girl' accessorys this is what we got (We had her open all her presents then said on wait there is one more in your room... she opened the door to a brand new room and was a little overwhelmed but in love love love love)
My happy 4 year old with her buddies! (brroklyn in orange)

This was after the party. picture it picked up lol Still lots of work to do but this is what we pulled off in 12 hours before a birthday party... sometimes my crazy last minute ideas even surprise myself!

Out lined a star shape with tape, looks great, dont you just love the paint on the celing too? (My husband said we couldnt do it.... 2 coats later and unable to even hold coffee cups this morning he loves it!!)

my darnnit moment

So today I had my kids make my cousin some orniments because her pathtic little fake tree is all lonly in her apartment. So I got some platic globes, filled them with filler dots I got from the inside of a stuffed fish that was in the trash pile (one again im cheap, but you can call me green) painted their hands with modpodge and covered their prints with gliter.. now it looks like they are having a snow ball fight on her tree... but darnit i didnt even think about taking pictures to show you how to do it untill I was done... so this is what you get!
The is my table while they are drying... but still cute none the less...

Stuffed with Stockings!!

So want to know what I did this weekend? I got a christmas tree... we normally wait untill after my daughters birthday party (her birthday is on the 12th) then we get one... this year I have to much to do in a little time so we bought one from the boy scouts down the street instead of tromping out to the woods but I figure Carson is only 5 months and I just didnt want to tote him arond this year.. there is always next year! So we popped up our tree in no time, and I started sewing. My gram dies a few years ago and ever since our family has spent less and less time together, christmas day when she was around was always at her house, with our homemade stockings on the mantle. .. I miss my gram. So this year I invited everyone to my house to start a that side of the family get together again, which involved sewing stocking the way Gram did for us, im only 16 stockings in but at the same time ive already done 16 stockings.....

PS I hate felt now... my dream of being a felting queen has expired!

I heart mail and presents!!

So today just shortly after I spilt my coffee in my lap while driving... grrrr... I opened the mail to find a wonderful suprise! The other girly I was doing the gift exchange with sent me some pretty wonderfulness too!! I mentioned to her that I am a photographer.. she made me a purdy purple camera strap (something I have been actually putting off making) She also made me this neato little pocket pouch, she plans on using hers for cupond... I plan on doing the same thing! Talk about great cuteness for orginization in my hectic life! She also made me a cute little red flower clip (not pictured because my daughter wont give it back) AND she packed in some yummy sweets she made, which came in handy while the kids were having a melt down in the back of the car while we were stuck in traffic, so miss kristen really is a lifesaver of a crafter! Oh and if you notice the red and white polka dot card in the back... it was a little note in a card she made!! I love the whole thing (makes me a little sad I didnt sne dher a bunch of goodies, note for the next go around) I hope she gets her present here soon too!! Check out her craftyness here and here is a picture of all my new pretties!!
(isnt that a cute pouch?! I love dots!!)

Yeah she got my gift and since I was a lameo and didnt take pictures before I mailed it you can see them here!

Snap shot of 7am

So this morning at 7am (mind you I do get up at six but im still asleep inside untill around 9) I was on top of my game. I had all 4 kids dressed, fed, and watching the grinch. I had 15 minutes to spare before we had to rush off to school, so I took the time to sit down with my snowman coffee cup and set up for a day worth of sewing (im going to admit though that I only got two things done yesterday because after such a suscessful morning, the afternoon turned to poo)
(And I just realized you cant see the 23 stocking I sewed for the whole family, we decided on doing only stocking stuffers this year.... it took about 45 minutes to cut and sew and I just have to convince someone else to make the felt pictures on them ha ha ha)

You should totally jump over to eightteen25 if you havent already! They have a neat snapshop for every thursday, it a great way to see what other people are doing the same time all around the place. Not to mention they are pretty crafty!!

I heart presents!!

So in my new adventure as a blogger I found a really neat gift exchange over at Craftaholic anonymous (Go me I totally just figured out how to link to a page ha ha aha haa) She invited everyone to join and then she matched everyone up with a partner (lucky me I got two) And yesterday I got my first gift in the mail! Jessica of Colour yourself design made me the cutest hat and scarf ever, she also made me some rings.. which I love because they are sooo cute and totally wild.. totally me! And boy was she busy, she also made me a headband and matching pin to wear (which will make me extra pretty at up coming Christmas parties!!) So a great big fat thank you to her and to Linda for hosting such a fun event!!Look forward to doing in in July!!
Look at those rings aren't they just fabulous!! 9you can even find them on the Etsy store Colour yourself design etsy
I forgot to take pictures of what I sent here so hopfully she will post pictures soon, in the mean time you can see the prettys everyone else made! here

tiss a very busy season!!

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving full of fun, and family and food.... I on the other hand didn't get my fill of food... we went to the in laws and they made ham and prim rib... no turkey... no stuffing... no cranberry sauce... nadda.... however in my glum of stinky holiday food I did get to meet my triplet niece and nephews and they are wonderful little critters!! They are a month younger then my baby so it was a lot of babies going on. I have come to a bit of a stand still with my Christmas crafts (Although my gifts for the exchange went out I'm waiting to post pictures until the girlie's get them so I don't ruin the surprise) We have all been pretty sick, and when you have 4 kids sick you litterally get woken up 30 times a night... its been almost every 30 minutes between the 4 of them. This weekend however I roped my bestie into helping me pin my kids down for some updated pictures so here is what I have been doing while not crafting!

My oldest who is 6 1/2 and is no longer a little kid (insert my sad face here)

My two year old who didnt want his pictures taken

My nerdy 3 (will be 4 on the 12th) daughter

And introducing our newest chunky monkey Carson!! He is a lot cuter then these pictures are giving him credit for lol

And here are some more artisicy one I did of my daughter... she looks way to grown up here... made me a little scared at first lol but I honestly love the way they came out...