take a gander at this!!

SO I hope on every morning after breakfast flip down my list of blogs I love to fallow and this morning I saw something I really wanted to pass along. Over at Obsessively stitching She posted about her cousins new web site they are putting together. Its where us crafty people swap our crafty goodness for other crafters gold. Its genius! No money involved please take a look here To read about it on OS's blog (Ps if you don't fallow her, check her wonderfullness out while you are there) then you can hop on over to whoopdwhoop (Cleaver name too!) and start whooping around!

And just because I have been not posting for awhile because im working on a stock pile to open my Etsy store here is what I got to see yesterday, we got sun in the afternoon so I dragged all five kids to the park. This is Carsons first time on a swing and he LOVESSSSSSS it!

Sewed it on sunday!

Unfortunately I have nothing to show you today... unless you would like to see my sink of dirty dishes, the mounds of laundry that sit in front of my washer or my 4 sick kids and 1 sick husband. My husband had Friday off and since our little guys had been sick off and on all week and my patient was suffering I took the morning off to hit the fabric store and enjoy the sale all alone ... I got a text 2 hours into that my husband wasn't feeling very well. I got home an hour later... mind you that I had a whole whopping 3 hours to myself... and I walk into a house full of fluness... that's right all 5 of those jerk bags got the flu at the same time (Thank God in heaven above it isn't the stomach flu because I think I would have to check into the loony bin given my current lack of sleep and permanent IV drip of coffee, which yes I gave up for the news years but if it wernt for the coffee we might be out a few kids)We have 3 cases of a bacterial eye infection to top it off and baby has decided nursing takes to much of his crawling time up so im full of milk and have a cranky baby and have not slept.... but on a positive note last night I started my business plan to move forwards with an Etsy store so stay tuned for that one! Hope this post find you healthy!

hoooo I am

Here is another hooo are you from Night Owl Crafting (Its a fun little thing to play along with if you dont already)

1. Do you use an alarm clock or some device to wake you up, or do you wake up on your own? I use my cell phone alarm, it goes off at 6 but I snooze it untill 625 then i drag out of bed (that is to say unless my 2 year old hasnt already woken me up for cartoons at 5)

2. If you could go on any game show, which won would you choose? Hummm I would secreatly love to go on that wipeout show cause it cracks me up but I think the price is right would be a kick in the pants too... or maybe wheel of fourtune im pretty good at that one

3. Do you prefer the weather to be hot or cold? If its not snowing and sticking then I want it hot hot hot

4.What color of clothing do you wear the most?Gray... im not sure why since I really do like color

5. What is your favorite color?Its a toss up I love red but I have a giant place for purple in my heart

So come play along over at

Sewed on a Sunday #2

So here is what I sewed today on Sunday, its a jumper/dress/shirt (She wearing things in a many different kinda ways) for my miss Brooklyn for February. Unfortunately when she tried it on it wasn't loose enough for her to wear a long sleeved shirt on underneath so I had to add some panels under the arms (a lesson well learned, measure and add extra length for the unexpected) This is the first time I have ever made a inner lining and I like it so so so much better then the other dresses I made her. Since we are out of school Monday we are going to make a trip to the craft store and see if we can find some big chunky red heart buttons to go on it!

(Look to the upper right side of the picture and you can see the toy story party stuff comming along very well!)

OH im learning how the whole link up thing works I liked up here at craft-o-maniac and Keeping it Simple so be sure to cheack over there for some great inspiration
(PS can any give me a quick lesson on how to add buttons)

What im working on wednesday!

HaHaHaHa look at me trying to be clever with the name things! Ha! I just hope it keeps me more focused and makes me more accountable for the millions of half completed projects I have sitting around. So here is what im working on:

Im currently trying to find this fabric, to complete a late Christmas gift, its an elephant pillow pet I started before Christmas but I miss measured an ear now my favorite store discontinued the line so the search continues!

Im also working on my sons 3rd birthday party goodness... now I know it might sound crazy to some since his birthday isn't until March... the 26th to be exact, but I like to have everything done just in case, so I have note books full of party ideas. Here is our invite:

Its note perfect yet but like I said a million half done projects sitting around! Then I made a birthday sign for him, using slinky dog stretched out... thinking I was cleaver I thought I would post all about my coolness.. then I saw one on Etsy.. turns out im not as cool as I thought! But at least its one less thing I have to have sitting around half done!

hoooo I am

Ok do Im s little late in the game but I just found this great get-to-know-ya over at Night Owl Crafting Its great, she asks some questions each week, then gives her answers then you post them on your blog and answer and then link back to her! (Ok that was mouth full so here read it here)

This Weeks questions are all about food (yum yum yum one of my favorite topics)

1. Are you fond of cooking?I love to cook, but my family is very picky

2. What kind of food do you prefer eating when you are out? Im a huge meat eater so I really like steak houses, but then again I love love love pasta and im a huge fan of mexican food, so I guess i prefer anywhere I dont have to do the dishes!

3. Which do you prefer, sweet or salty? Im a sweet girl.

4. Where is the last place you ate out at? Humm I think it was Red Robins (And I know you just went YUM lol me too)

5. What's for dinner tonight? We are hypotheticly suppose to have a rain/ice storm so I thought lasgna would be fitting

Ok Now that you know more about me, I want to read all about you to so go fallow Night Owl Crafting and play along (PS and get inpired, there is tons of talent on that page!)


Sewed on a Sunday

I love when people have cute little names for things they do on each day of the week (Example: tutorial Tuesday) So here is mine. I was hoping it will give me a deadline so I actually accomplish more projects. This is what I sewed today, on Sunday (to be honest I started yesterday but i finished today lol I'm not off to a bad start) I made some snugly PJ's for the kiddo, because when you have 4 kids you are bound to see this from time to time.

yes he is sound asleep snoring, standing up ha ha haha I love two year olds!

So I made some PJ's for them. Mind you this was my first time making PJ's and its so so easy, each pair took maybe 15 minutes start to finish for the pants, the shirts took a little longer because I'm still confused about adding sleeves. My machine is just to fat to slide them in so I'm at a loss! But I'm really happy how they turned out and the kids love them, and that's what counts!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

OK so I didn't win a chicken dinner but in November I won a giveaway.. which was super exciting givin' the last thing I won was a cupcake in like 3rd grade at a cake walk where everyone wins something (my poor pity cupcake, which could be why I love cup cakes now) but back to my winning story I won these over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff (if you haven't checked her out, she gushes cuteness, and she is from P-Town too!!) Now my daughter just turned 4 in December and the story book was a little to old for her so I wiped up a crayon roll and re gifted it to our buddy Miss Coco for her 6th birthday... but my lovely little lady got the puppies! She loves to paint (am I the only one out there who loves that my kids are crafty but have an extremely hard time doing things with them, because they don't do it 'right' yet?) She screamed with excitement for them and begged for two weeks to do them.

She just learned about dieing and was totally upset they heads came out... its ok they bobble

Carson wanted to help... so he ate the card board with his new little fangs,

She gets very serious (it took about 2 hours for her to paint, drove me a little nuts)
And here they are in all there puppy cuteness! She put make up on them, and named them... one two and three... she is working on her creative naming lol
So a big thanks to miss Sumo for the great giveaway and happy girl it produced!!

My resolutions for 2011

Last year I vowed to stop sewing... 12 months later my kids now know that I am a grown up and I can say what I like and they are children so they can not say grown up words.. I tried and I failed. I don't have a mouth like a trucker but GD tends to flow freely from my mouth whenever trouble is afoot...(It might be cute when a 2 year old called the guy who cut you off a douche bag.. not so cute when a 4 year old says it to the kid who took her play-doh at school..) So this year I have put a little more will power into my top five
1. I am determined to loose the baby weight, I know loosing weight is always the clashe' one but really we are done having kids now so I need to the me back into my ME jeans, for me!
2. I am giving up my dependency on coffee (2 pots a day.. i need to seek a CA group)
3. Like everyone else in this blogging world I'm going to get organized.
4. I will make time for a me... I realized this last year that I seem to have lost the me somewhere along the road ,not that I don't love my family but in order to be a better mom and wife I need to have a me too. (dose anyone else feel this way?)
5. I will trim off all the negative weight in my life.... the na-sayers and not positive people

For my blog I also have a few (I like to think of them more as goals.)
1. I will take pictures and post about more of the stuff I make.
2. I will link up to other peoples projects.
3. I will inspire.
4. I will make it a point to get to kn0w more blogging buddies.
5. I will open an Etsy store... just wait and see this year is going to be a great year.!

So dear readers we will see where this new year will lead.
(PS. I am still working on the swearing thing...)