The party favors!

For our recent Dr.Seuss party I decided to make One Fish two Fish Red fish Blue Fish fishing games. I had lots of left over baby food snack cans which I covered with wrapping paper I used through out the party to coordinate. I sewed each set ! white fish, 2 green fish, 1 red fish, and 1 blue fish out of felt. That was 65 fish to sew, very repetitive work. The fishing poles were dowels with stings and a magnet. They turned out way better then I had hoped for!

Cost break down:
Felt 1/2 yard of each color $4.99 (I have enough to make about 15 more games)
Magnets $3.50 (Regular $6.99 but 50% off coupon)
Dowels Left overs from something else

It was a very awesome alternative to candy and junk toys that normally come out of a pinata.

A party story.... :(

Although my husband doesn't understand my crazy need to make every party amazing Im lucky enough to have a great group of die-hard party attenders that love what I do. On Sunday we threw the very much antici[pated Dr.Seuss 1st birthday party for Danger. It was a great party, the sun was out (it was suppose to rain) it was warm but not to hot, the swing set was done, all the bark dust was laid, the kids were in great moods, the birthday boy was all smiles! That was all at noon when the party started... let me tell you a little about what happened the morning before. So some times I get a little to ambitious, I figured I had all the details planned to a T so a huge amazing first birthday cake needed to be made... a 130am trip to walmart 20mins from my house to get more Crisco and sugar for frosting was the first sign that I bit off more then I could chew, fast forward to me at 345 finally crawling into bed still dressed covered in frosting with a wonderful 4 "story" cake on my table, another fast forward to me waking up at 7, totally on my own time line ready to go, finishing up last min food getting the tables ready to take outside, jump now to 8:02... I blame what happened next one a flea, one small very itchy flea.. and a dog, a very itchy dog. Shelby was rolling all over the floor trying to itch her back and soon she found that the floor wasnt going to get it done, she had a great idea a table leg! Yes the same leg to the table my cake was sitting on, my very all cakes set to the back cake... I heard it happen while I was pealing egg shells... I froze. I knew what happened with out turning around. At 8:02, day of the party with a no room for error schedule, the cake was on the floor. The top two layers on the floor. The first two bowing from the weigh change, first thought totally break down, second thought I don't have time for that... cry later. I scooped what I could into a garbage can, the rest poor flea bitten dog ate. I re positioned the bottom two layed, and threw some cup cakes in the oven to save face. At which point im an hour behind. Then a bag of supplies turns up missing, no table cloths, no party twirlers, no streamers, no balloons. No freakin decorations to be found. I ordered husband to go get table cloths. I rustled though my every growing supply box found red and white streamers. No balloons poo. My cousin shows up, a little late, to mad dash set up what we can. No games made it out except the bubble wrap on the deck for "hop on Pops" The food landed on the table as the first people were showing up. My kids were dressed, my cupcakes frosted and that was that.... despite the crazy hectic morning, it was a good party with good friends and a very happy birthday for Carson William Patrick Parks. So I have decided this, although I have note books full of party plans down to the last details, I need to remember that its about why we are celebrating. No more cakes for me, cup cakes are just fine, besides only 4 cupcakes got eatin' because I make way to much food and snacks and the kids were stuffed full!

my daughter is sewing!!

I wish I would have thought about it while it was happening but my daughter asked to make her friend a gift for her birthday and said she wanted to sew it... so she came up with an idea and there we go. I forgot to take pictures of her actually sewing but here it is! A crayon roll purse out of pockets!

Awesome blogs I have linked to:
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Im tired of life lately... something good needs to find its way in. The charter school we were able to get Justin into this year stinks... and although i have applied else where it seems we might be stick there for 2nt grade. :( I have been praying for a better option but so far we are 20ish, 30ish and 40ish on other schools list. Also what I thought would be a benefit of the school not getting out until July 22 (which educationally I think it great) I have found watching everyone else we know get out of school really stink to be stuck in school. If that were not hard pressing enough we lost our daughters preschool teacher, a woman who we both loved dearly, to a staffing change. They told us on Tuesday and she was gone by Thursday now my daughter will start summer session in a new classroom with new kids, which might be a blessing but now she is adamant she doesn't want to go... change is hard for that one. Poor me I have just been an emotional ball of tears the last few weeks. It REALLY DOES NOT HELP that I realized im at a way unhealthy weight right now (169 eeekkk) and have been on a self imposed diet (which just involves eating better and not so much all day long) and running on the treadmill at nap time and tring to get exercise when I can... I miss chocolate and soda and chips and donuts, yuumy cream or jelly filled donuts :( But most of all I miss starbucks, my 1200 calorie java chip that never did me wrong... stupid scale. And then there is my husband. I love the man dearly I really do but he has a crazy ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. He is pretty unsupportive unless he can see the insent gratification. Although my blog doesnt really show how involved with crafting I really am because I dont stick to it the way I want to (although 4 kids, a daycare, and photography business are great excesses) I have been thinking seriously about doing a few Christmas bazaars this years. I think What I make is good enough, however with 4 kids, a daycare and a photography business, it makes justifying my passion to do this a little more difficult for this man to understand. I guess im just conflicted about what I should do next. Granted I still have lots of time till the holiday season but I just wish for once things would just fall into place. Its hard to work so hard with out seeing a positive reward sometimes. .... maybe I deserve a tall java chip today... :(