Whats in a name?

What is in a name... a rose by any other name would smell as sweetly... REALLY???!!! Sure a rose may smell as sweet but my daughters name is not a stinkin rose!!! There are few thing in life that i consider pet peeves, those things that rub you the wrong time EVERY time it happen, for me its little things, like people who take 10 minutes to order from Taco bell... dude the menu never changes order the burrito already! #2 People who are late, its not that hard to be on time, even early, but its not ok to be 30 minutes early for a party.. that valuable prep time. And the most annoying thing is when people (mostly family members..) call my daughter Brooke. Dont get me wrong its a pretty name but its not her name and its not something we want her to be called. Her name is Brooklyn Jane. She will answer to Brooklyn, Jane, Janie lyn, or lyn... we have asked a million times she be called Lyn and not Brooke. Simply because that is who she is to us, she is Lyn. For example my SIL has a daughter named Isabelle, and they call her izzy... i dont personally like it but im not going to call her Bella because I think its prettier.. but yet they all feel its ok to call her Brooke and then make fun when I correct them. GGRRRR im sorry I had to vent but its either I have my pity party on here or I get uninvited to family get together ;)So my question to you is, are there thing that drive you absolutely insane like this?

Bird crazy!

So after getting our new smart phones we totally took the family plung and downloaded angry birds... now im not saying I wish I had never ever showed it to our children... or the husband.. but I really miss my phone! My kids are angry bird-aholics.. and we are not talking the casual 'hey mom if your not on your phone do you think I could play angry birds' we are talking knock down drag out brawls to get to an unmaned phone!! My poor phone is constintly trying to hind by letting its battery die. My 6 (will be 7 on the 16th) year old is crazy for it, when he is not playing mario karts or drawing bakugan he is talking non stop about the silly game. For show and tell he even made a scrapbook of all his accomplishment and egg findings (he found all but 2 easter golden eggs.. he is outta controle) Now put away all those judgmental thoughts I hear you thinking, they are now allowed to be glued to my phone 247, no they earn angry bird time. My three year old changes his socks 3 times a day to get sock folding minutes. My four year old is now a pro window washer and bathroom sink scrubber. and I have not folded laundry in 3 months!! For Justins birthday we have decided to get him a DSi, a first huge purchess for us in his growing up process. Since those stinkin things run for $140 (we tried on Ebay but they go for just as much.... just crazyness) I decided to make him some 'filler' gifts. And then I saw this Angry Bird tutorial on Obessively Stitching So I have made my own army of birds, which im concerned now might be a better present then the DSi! There is one thing about Justin thou that makes him harder to make things for he is anal about little details, and im by no means a great sewer. but I wanted to show you how I changed the white bird around a bit and made him more real to the game.. and what is the spechial feature of the white bird you might be trying to recall... he poops bombs (my kids are convinced its poop because if it were just an egg why would they care about the pigs taking them?) Here is what I did:
I fallowed OS's plants but I took and 3x6 piece of felt and stitched two sides makeing a pocket.

Then I sewed it down where all the sides meet up and added the tail feathers to the top so they wouldnt be on the side.

And here is what it looks like, insert ping pong ball here:

lol so if your kids are anything like mine, add some poop! I will let know on the 14th how much he loved them!

toy story birthday!

I can not beleive my little Coco bean is 3... I just can not beleive it (but I cant also beleive last weekend he was 2) He was a cubby little ham ball as a baby, happy smily and always into something... 3 years later we have a chubby HUGE ham ball that is always into everything ;)

to this:

I wish I would have taken the time to take pictures of all the details I added to the party but people actually showed up early... which at our partys is never the case.. so I will just have to fill in on my awesomeness with words ;)

I printed out some signs, this was the 'snack table' I made rice krispy treat etch a sketchs, marshmellow pop aleins, sugar cookie Rex and Woody stars with 3's on them, I also made Ham cupcakes just cause the cake turned out a little smaller then I had planned.

Here is a closer look at the cake and Lotso pinata (I made the pinata out of paper machae and tissue paper) The cake was the box that they went to the day care in it turned out better then I had pictured in my head.
I wish I had a picture of the goodie bags they were so cute. I wrapped a cowboy bandana arond a cup and added a sheirf star.. they were adorable, I filled them with toy story fruit snacks, little army men, poppers, and tatoos, and bubbles.

We palyed pin the tail on bullseye which I printed off line, I had other games planned but we tend to the the problem once kids come over and get a look at all our toys and fun stuff in the playroom, pulling them out for games just wasnt happening!

Things you didnt get to see besides the cool good bags: I glass drink bottles which were cool colored, they even had cute little matching tags on them. We made hot dogs, noodle salade, bean and really awesome fruit kabobs (I will show you on our next party my cool fruit kabob sticks) I was really a fun party. here are just a few random funness to share

And after it was all said and done my kidos decided to have a slumber party

Sorry for my absents!

I am so happy to have a minute to hop on here and let every one know I'm alive... we have been so sick since November that I was sure we wouldn't make it out of winter alive but alas here I am! So I have tagged so many great project my bloggy buddies have been doing that my spring should be filled with crafty greatness! So let me fill you in a little about what I have been doing (beside have a family that has brought home the stomach flu 3 times, 4 positive RSV test and a new kid on a permanent inhaler...) I opened my Etsy store right before the big vomit fest happened in out home.. and although not selling anything yet has been disappointing im going to take it as a sign that I needed to focus on my REAL life. ;) I managed to clean out my office and completely fill it again. I have actually been pretty busy with my photo studio which has been great, after having such long stretches and babies it has been great to get back to real work. As for babies... Danger (which is Carsons new name) is pulling himself up on everything and getting ready to run.. talk about a child that keeps me on my toes. He is into everything, and he has no fear. He has to be swung so high on the swings, he climbs up and slides down our play house slide face first and he has tumbled off the end out our bed on 4 separate occasions.... he is going to be giving our bigger kids a run for their money.. which leads me to a My other little man Colton (Coco with love) just turned 3!! I say that but its also me saying I can not believe he is only 3 and was just 2... he and my 4 year old are the same size and he seems so much older.. so I threw him a super fun Toy Story 3 party (how perfect that he was turning 3) I wished I would have gotten more pictures of all the millions of cute things I made for it but i will post those in my next post!