Happy heart day!

For valentines day this year I came across this while shopping... and decided it would make the best breakfast... so that is what we had! If you know me you know I have a crazy love for thin mints (honestly who doesn't?) so when I saw this in the freezer section I about climbed through the glass to get it... and it is as good as it sounds!! If you want to give yourself a gift this day of love... give your self a carton (or 4 cause that was all they had left) Love you all!

Look at me look at me!!

Ok so I know I have been neglecting my blog abit but life has been crazyer then normal lately and guess what I did... come on guess... i will give you a hint I have talked about it on like my last five-ish post... ok good guess ... and incase you guessed wrong I opened an Etsy store!! Its full of my novle idea kid PJS. Here is a quick blurb about it

"If your little bed bugs are anything like mine then you know what you put them in today might not fit tomorrow. Little bed bugs offers a one of a kind solution for this problem by simply removing a stitch in the PJ's pants cuff giving you a whole two inches of growing room (Which means that size 4 of today will be a size 5 for tomorrow) We might not be able to keep them small forever but at least we can keep them dressed just a little bit longer."

I sewed in a loose stright stitch at the bottom of my pants so when they get to short... whic if you have kids you know happens as soon as you give in and buy cute PJs... you just snip the stitch and pull and BAM!! another 2 inches of growing room! Novle idea I think anyways so if you have a min take a look and pass my lovelyness around to all your friends who have kids waith high water PJS!!