My kids are creative

My kids are cute... and super super annoying... they can nag and nag and nag until I think I might start pealing the paint off the walls... but sometimes these crazy annoyances do end up doing some pretty cool things. After spending the day bugging me to get in the craft box, I gave in and this is what little miss fancy pants came up with!!

She found some animal stickers and made a zoo! No prompting at all!

I was annoyed at first because I thought there she goes just randomly sticking stickers to paper and wasting both (wow sometimes I think Im really not as good as a parent as I should be..) but then WOW she had a plan and it was a great plan. She decided she should send it to her pen pal so we worked out a letter for him and she was on her way! (PS go see her pen pals moms blog.. she is awesome and creative and the fun kinda mom I wish I was more often)

But leave it to Brooklyn to take an idea and run with it... and run she did..
here is her Pet Shop (she saw me blogging this and "said next time tell me you are going to use my pictures, I will do my finger nails and color lots better, tell them my hands were tired from all my time out writing" ahahhahahaaa she is such a nerdo! I really love that spunky ball of nerdiness!)

and here is another letter for her other buddy... she loves transformers!

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  1. Your kids are creative. And adorable. And awesome. And smart. R LOVED the zoo. Loved it. He sat and looked at it for forever.

    And thanks for linking to my blog, but really you are such an awesome mom. I wish I could be more like you!



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