How I became a rebel

Im not normally a rule breaker, as a matter o' fact im pretty much a rule maker :) rule and direction make life flow much smoother, however I do I have small issue with authority makes a bad judgment call. My recent cross over to the dark side was 5 year olds in ballet class. We have a end of year recital and the theme is princesses. My first issue was 4 of the 6 girls are Disney princesses. Cute right?! yes, but the other two are Barbie princesses... correct me if im wrong but Disney had a lot more then 4 princesses.... Brooklyn got cast as Belle, no complaints there she love love loves Belle, her most favorite princess ever. He dress is so cute! Its puffy and twirly and spectacular (although it doesn't need a red flower which we are working on)
So where does my rebel fever come in? Right here. Our best friend Maddy is a sweety pie, we baby sit her and take her to ballet with us. She was cast as little mermaid. Disney princess? Check. So why issues with little miss under the sea? Because they other girls, Disney and barbie princesses, are in short puffy twirly ballet princess costumes and miss Maddy gets this....

Not only is it not little mermaid colors, but its a floor length gown and they are doing a BALLET dance!!! And its tight to boot!! So poor Maddy trying to dance with the other girls in class and knowing she got the poop end of the stick kept a brave face until she got home. Who thinks to do that to a 5 year old? The costumes were bought from different places and one quick search on ETSY proved that a long mermaid costume wasn't the only one on the market. So rebel fever kicked and and me and Miss Maddy's mom agreed the dress would need to be changed. So we here it is...

Im so pleased on how it came out! now its short and twirly and poofy and no way mistakable little mermaid! Now lets sit back and hope the ballet teacher doesn't notice :)

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