oh where oh where have I been ;)

Well family vacation came and went with me forgetting to get on here and let you know all the fun things I have been trying! Jo-Ann's had a .99 cent fat quarter sale a while back and I went a bit crazy lol but it seemed a great way to just teach my self to sew relatively cheaply, and not to tute my own horn but I made my little lady a really cute over all jumper out of 4 fat quarters and an old pair of overalls my kids have our grown. So lets see if I can make my first tutorial!
There she is in her new jumper thing... cute as a button! (ignore her socks lol)First I picked out 4 matching fat quarters because I figured I could make a twirly 8 panel skirt from the four. As it turns out I have enough fabric to make 2 8 panel skirts so we will see where that leads me later ;)

I measured her waist to an inch below her knee (because i like her dresses long) then I gave my self a 2inch seem allowance because I'm new at this, so it came out to 9in. I measured her waist, added 4 more inches for the bunching look 1 for the seam and divided by 8. the I tapered the bottom 2 inches and cut.

I sewed the panels together one at a time front side facing. (side note I just learned how to do a french hem and wished I would have on this skirt)
I sewed two 4 panels and then sewed them together and ironed. For some reason I don't have a picture of me double folding the top and bottom to hem them but I decided I wanted lace on the bottom and this is how it looks:

While looking for my elastic as I was just going to make it a elastic waist skirt at first I found this pair of overalls sitting on my desk and I decided that I wanted to make it a dress/jumper thing

So I grabbed the scissors and cut....
My scissors were not happy about it and I should have left more of a waist to work with because i broke needles trying to sew them together and had a breakdown and an extra Starbucks to make up for it.

My sewing machine was not made for this lol but all in all I think it turned out really cute and she loves it! and I had some lady in the grocery store ask me where I got it... so that kinda boosted my confidence a little about the whole situation, so if you want to make one and never have let me know how it went for you, or if you have questions about it let me know too cause I realize its not as technical as other tutorials.


  1. That turned out really cute, you're a way more ambitious sewer than I am :) Glad you're having a nice Summer!

  2. I figured the best way to do it was to jump in head first, its a little lop sided but she is 3 and is a doesnt stand still long enough for anyone to notice!


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