triplet gifts and 4th of july

Ok since I first started this blog I have seem to have miss placed my camera... which is not good given photography is my job lol. But my kick around camera had all my step by steps on it... so let me update on my sewing adventures for you. My sister inlaw had her baby shower on June 5th, the week before I really jumped in head first. I made each baby (boy girl boy) 2 bibs, a carsseat blanket, a binky clip, a cute onesie and burp cloths... and that times 3 took forever but it was a great deadline for me.

Here is what the basket looked like:

I was very inspired by many people that craft blog and are on etsy and as soon as I figure out how to give props for all the insperation I will get on it. And I guess I should add that at the time I was exspecting our 4th kido... so there is another reason for my breif depature for here.

Fourth of July brought about my first clothing sewing lesson... again another learning lesson. I feel in love with pillow case dresses the minute I saw them... as it looks everyone with a sewing machine has! I didnt have any pillow cases that were cute so I went a looking and came across a bandana sale... so I picked up two red ones and headed home. This is what came out of that:

Ok my little Lou doesnt give it justice... it is really cute.... she is 3 and a tad on the puny side, so I think im going to try and bring the sides in a little more A framed on her so she doesnt look like she is in a bag. ;) but as you can tell she loves it (PS my work space is a work in progress, so sorry about the mess and cell phone picture)

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