We have been so busy with back to school and fall sports starting! Brother bear will be in first grade this year and we start at a new charter school, so we are thrilled he will actually be learning things. But as a perk and down fall he will be at school from 730 till 5. And little lou starts preschool 3 days a week and speach one day, so we will be busy driving around. Brother Bear also started fall soccer, he is still really bad at it but at least he is having fun, it will be a test to see if he can keep it up and maybe do a winter club. Little Lou and booboo bear want to get in a tumbling class so im trying to find something that will accomindate a 3 and 2 year old. And baby bear is now 10 weeks old and so far is holding his own in the rush nicely. All that on top of a few extra day care kids these last two weeks has kept me away from sewing (however I did bang out two car mats and will post pictures soon) I also got a newish desk. Its huge compared to what im currently working on, the lovely husband brought it home from work, he loves me lol Keep your eyes out for pictures comming soon though, you know, when I have time to sit for more then a minute! Time to put back on my super mom cape and get back to work! Have fun crafting today!

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