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I had a fast free moment this morning thanks to a wonderful Cousin (my BFF) who recently obtained a copy of a not yet out movie about a space man and a cowboy... so I was able to snag some much needed pictures to brag about! So here are my taggie dinos, mind you it was my first set (2 more since this) so the trex does resemble a mirr cat lol

The fabric was awesome and I scored 6 fat quarters for $3 in that pebble look and im guessing I can make about 5 sets with them! the minky on the back is really plushy and I stuffed them with stuffing that came out of a over sized Tigger that showed up after christmas with a huge hole.

Now this was a dress shirt jumper that I saw over at Made By Lex (sorry I still dont know how to link them) My only sad part is I ruffled great but pinned wrong so my button side was side way (notice picture) so I just made it the back. I also used a womans size small shirt, bad idea good thing my little lady is tiny. she loves it.

My only issue other then my side way button up lol is that I guess I dont know why my seams shoe after it was washed (note next picture)

and I mad this car mat quick for the boys, I have seen them a million times are here so im not sure who to give the props to on the one. I did use a place mat on the back to make it a little thicker and it was on $1 at joanns on clearance so go me for up cycling

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  1. really cute stuff. Anything having to do with sewing is never a quick project for me. lol. Great job :)


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