halloween tinker bell!

My daughter decided she wanted to be tinkerbell for our halloween party this year so I went in search of making her costume. I didnt want just a tutu and saw a really cute tutu dress on ETSY then spent the next 3 days searching the internet for a tutu dress tutorial... no luck, its like its a screat or something so I just winged it and was impressed how fast and easy it came out!These pictures show it before I cut it up to her knees cause she said it was to long to tink.

It was so fast and so easy that I ran back to the fabric store and bought tons more tulle and now have a whole princess collection, which I will post a tutorial to later. In the mean time I think I will try my hand at the etsy world because my friends are all gushing over the dresses..... if only they knew how easy it was ;) hope you have a safe and happy halloween I will post the costumes Im making for my boys soon... only so much time lol... oh and for my next trick im trying out Oreo cookie suckers... wish me luck!

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  1. What a cute tinker bell!

    RE: candy corn wreath I painted the foam wreath ring and then used a low heat glue gun to glue them on. I had a couple fall off, but they've stayed on pretty good. I can't believe yours are melting off! That's strange.
    Happy crafting!


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