halloween party prep!

So I have been so busy planning our yearly halloween party I think there might actually be a layer of dust on my sewing machine. But I just thought I would show off some of my fun ideas for this years bash

Here is what my TV room ceiling looks like. Its all done out of streamers and took about an hour to hang, but it looks freaking awesome (my son thinks he wants a spider man party now)

And I then had to do it for the dinning room but ran out of black streamer (has did all the local stores, who knew)

I made a super awesome coffin which im going to fill with prizes and spaghetti noodles (kinda like a pinyata cause only one kid got to hit it last year, this way every one gets a fair turn) It was really easy Quick coffin tutorial: I got a $8 piece of insulation foam board 8x4 at home depote, made a coffin shape and cut it out, then I used a screw driver to make the board line and a brown crayon to make the wood grain then water brushed over with brown paint and there we go, a wonderfull sppoky coffin. Im going to cut hole in the sides for the kids to stick their hands in.

A local flower shop has kid project days and the three older ones made these for the front porch

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  1. It looks like you're planning an awesome party! I think the Mini Caramel Apples can be made a day in advance, at most. The apples produce so much "juice" the caramel has a hard to sticking to it, so I worry that if you do it too early, it will just fall off. Be sure to squeeze the apples in a paper towel..often. Good luck! They are adorable when they're done! Oh, and I learned that the toppings can't be too heavy...I tried candy corn...too heavy. hehe Happy Halloween Party! Be sure to post photos when it's over!

    Thanks for visiting me at Wingledings, come back soon! :-)


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