baby blocks, busy book and blanket oh my!

I decided this year that for every one Christmas gift we buy this year, we are making another. Its a bigger task then I had planned. I'm still sewing all night long, and don't really know if I will make it but I'm trying! The first thing I wanted to show off is the blanket I made for Carson, he is only 4months and could care less but his bed theme is monsters and this is my first ever blanket blanket. I found a self binding tutorial online and this is the out come

Then I saw some really cute soft baby blocks people were making out of fabric... but I'm a cheap skate (you can call it green lol) And I saw a few boxes sitting in the garage of clothing my kids have out grown, cute clothes... thing I bought because I loved them... so this is what I did:

First I found some coordinating colors and some really cute designs.

Then I cut 5inch-ish squares and sewed them this way...

And now I have really cute baby blocks for Carson (who is now a whopping 5 month old, and my triplet niece and nephews! There are more to come of these and I think I will be the million and one person to put a tutorial about these up... but in all fairness I made these second hand there for I'm neat!

And lastly before my coffee runs out here is a sneak peek of the busy book I'm putting together for my two year old (by the way finding gifts to make for boys and not babies is really hard so please throw your ideas at me!)

I know my skill level is no where near cutting out felt cute like and I don't have a cute cutter machine (hint hint Santa) so I used some cute scrapbook paper and some clear contact paper. I made magnetic fishing, hot clued on some gloves for right hand left hand,

Hot glued Velcro to some crayons I printed off line and a left over crayon box from our craft bucket, made a tool box pocket with tools (also images from online I just colored) to be snapped onto the nail or wood of which ever tool they go with. I have a few more pages done that I will post pictures of soon. I'm just not sure how to bind them.... maybe eyelets and snap rings... I dunno.... any ideas on that one?

And before I go can you tell what this is? Its an elephant! Well to be fair its only part of the face, but if you can imagine with me, its an elephant pillow pet tee hee hee hee... coming soon!


  1. looks like fun!! I think that is such a good idea- to make a gift for every one you give, it brings in the real meaning of Christmas.
    Oh, and linking in blogger is fairly easy once you know how, you just highlight the word you want linked and then up where it shows the font options and the option to upload a picture, you just click on the word link (or it may show a link in a chain) and then enter in the url you want to link to.

  2. Those blocks are a genius idea - a great way to use those baby clothes that you can't part with.

    My kids are 4 & 7 but I might have to make a set of those anyway.


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