I'm thankful for...

Im thankful for my husband, and although we have our ups and downs he is still the love of my life! Im thankful for my oldest, Justin, my Ju bean, my brother bear. He has such a big heart and grown up ness to him at 6. Im thankful for my pretty little daughter Brooklyn, sissy, Jane. She may keep me on my toes but she is my light. Her smile and caring and just her her-ness. Im thankful for my Colton, boo-boo bear, my coco. He can light up a room, he is so silly all the time. He would do anything for his brothers and sister. He often seems older then he is. I am thankful for my baby, my carson, my zoom zoom baby bear. He is holding his own in our family. He is the most loved baby ever. He is so easy going and I might be a little biased but he has great cheeks! Im thankful for my best friend, my cousin Bailey. She keeps me sane, she listens, she has a great nack at bringing me starbucks when I need one. She loves my kids like her own, she tolerates my husband and she means the world and more to me. Im thankful for those families who are missing their loved ones to keep ours safe. Im thankful for my new blogging friends too... even the ones not quite fallowing me yet. Im thankful for their inspiration, for giving me an outlet to make time for myself. I am thankful they take time out of their lives to share them with us, to get to know ours, for just being ready to bond by creativity. What are you thankful for?

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