and a me....

Sometimes I find myself focusing so much time on being a mom and a wife that I forget there is a me in here. My kids are my life. Im lucky enough to be a stuck at home mom and I really enjoy spending so much time watching my kids grow up. I also enjoy being a wife, although we have our moments, knowing that I will be forever in love with the man I took to prom is pretty important to me. Then there is a me. Its been hard being a young mom (well I was young when we started this crazy life) I dont mind scrificing for my family, but there are my quilty times where I will sneek out of bed (between two dogs and a couple pairs of feet) and just sit in the office with MY music on, eating chocolet chips, sewing or crafting and just trying to relax. And I know I shouldnt feel guilty but I do. I spend a lot of time doing so much for my kids and husband and life that I forget I deserve time as well. And unfortuneitly most of that hidden me time is spent making things for them or to better our everydays. How do you take time for yourselves? Time to just have you time? As a mom or a wife or just a you..... Hope you all have a safe and thankfull thanksgiving and thank you for taking a little time out of your day to see my me-ness!

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