12 hour birthday room redo

This is my 3 year old daughters room. Its been painted like this since we found out we were having a girl. Pretty pink and sweet. A bit of a mix, lots of stuff, and a few 'baby' ish pictures. So last night we coned nana into having the kids spend the night so we could have a night off... but really we were planning a super cool birthday suprise for miss Brooklyn. So we dropped them off, and then started priming (you would think the brown would give us issues... turns out priming over pink stinks) and then two coats of 'big girl' paint, and a new 'big girl' bed set and some 'big girl' accessorys this is what we got (We had her open all her presents then said on wait there is one more in your room... she opened the door to a brand new room and was a little overwhelmed but in love love love love)
My happy 4 year old with her buddies! (brroklyn in orange)

This was after the party. picture it picked up lol Still lots of work to do but this is what we pulled off in 12 hours before a birthday party... sometimes my crazy last minute ideas even surprise myself!

Out lined a star shape with tape, looks great, dont you just love the paint on the celing too? (My husband said we couldnt do it.... 2 coats later and unable to even hold coffee cups this morning he loves it!!)

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  1. The room looks awesome!

    Now time for a new post... ;)


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