My resolutions for 2011

Last year I vowed to stop sewing... 12 months later my kids now know that I am a grown up and I can say what I like and they are children so they can not say grown up words.. I tried and I failed. I don't have a mouth like a trucker but GD tends to flow freely from my mouth whenever trouble is afoot...(It might be cute when a 2 year old called the guy who cut you off a douche bag.. not so cute when a 4 year old says it to the kid who took her play-doh at school..) So this year I have put a little more will power into my top five
1. I am determined to loose the baby weight, I know loosing weight is always the clashe' one but really we are done having kids now so I need to the me back into my ME jeans, for me!
2. I am giving up my dependency on coffee (2 pots a day.. i need to seek a CA group)
3. Like everyone else in this blogging world I'm going to get organized.
4. I will make time for a me... I realized this last year that I seem to have lost the me somewhere along the road ,not that I don't love my family but in order to be a better mom and wife I need to have a me too. (dose anyone else feel this way?)
5. I will trim off all the negative weight in my life.... the na-sayers and not positive people

For my blog I also have a few (I like to think of them more as goals.)
1. I will take pictures and post about more of the stuff I make.
2. I will link up to other peoples projects.
3. I will inspire.
4. I will make it a point to get to kn0w more blogging buddies.
5. I will open an Etsy store... just wait and see this year is going to be a great year.!

So dear readers we will see where this new year will lead.
(PS. I am still working on the swearing thing...)

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