Stuffed with Stockings!!

So want to know what I did this weekend? I got a christmas tree... we normally wait untill after my daughters birthday party (her birthday is on the 12th) then we get one... this year I have to much to do in a little time so we bought one from the boy scouts down the street instead of tromping out to the woods but I figure Carson is only 5 months and I just didnt want to tote him arond this year.. there is always next year! So we popped up our tree in no time, and I started sewing. My gram dies a few years ago and ever since our family has spent less and less time together, christmas day when she was around was always at her house, with our homemade stockings on the mantle. .. I miss my gram. So this year I invited everyone to my house to start a that side of the family get together again, which involved sewing stocking the way Gram did for us, im only 16 stockings in but at the same time ive already done 16 stockings.....

PS I hate felt now... my dream of being a felting queen has expired!

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  1. These are super cute!! Great work and great blog. Thanks for stopping by Crafting in the Closet :)


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