I heart mail and presents!!

So today just shortly after I spilt my coffee in my lap while driving... grrrr... I opened the mail to find a wonderful suprise! The other girly I was doing the gift exchange with sent me some pretty wonderfulness too!! I mentioned to her that I am a photographer.. she made me a purdy purple camera strap (something I have been actually putting off making) She also made me this neato little pocket pouch, she plans on using hers for cupond... I plan on doing the same thing! Talk about great cuteness for orginization in my hectic life! She also made me a cute little red flower clip (not pictured because my daughter wont give it back) AND she packed in some yummy sweets she made, which came in handy while the kids were having a melt down in the back of the car while we were stuck in traffic, so miss kristen really is a lifesaver of a crafter! Oh and if you notice the red and white polka dot card in the back... it was a little note in a card she made!! I love the whole thing (makes me a little sad I didnt sne dher a bunch of goodies, note for the next go around) I hope she gets her present here soon too!! Check out her craftyness here and here is a picture of all my new pretties!!
(isnt that a cute pouch?! I love dots!!)

Yeah she got my gift and since I was a lameo and didnt take pictures before I mailed it you can see them here!


  1. I am glad you like it!! And you did send goodies- in the form of a recipe :) Thanks so much- I was so excited to open it.

  2. Katie,
    I love your camera strap! What fun gifts you got. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing what everyone made :)
    Happy holidays!


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