Sewed it on sunday!

Unfortunately I have nothing to show you today... unless you would like to see my sink of dirty dishes, the mounds of laundry that sit in front of my washer or my 4 sick kids and 1 sick husband. My husband had Friday off and since our little guys had been sick off and on all week and my patient was suffering I took the morning off to hit the fabric store and enjoy the sale all alone ... I got a text 2 hours into that my husband wasn't feeling very well. I got home an hour later... mind you that I had a whole whopping 3 hours to myself... and I walk into a house full of fluness... that's right all 5 of those jerk bags got the flu at the same time (Thank God in heaven above it isn't the stomach flu because I think I would have to check into the loony bin given my current lack of sleep and permanent IV drip of coffee, which yes I gave up for the news years but if it wernt for the coffee we might be out a few kids)We have 3 cases of a bacterial eye infection to top it off and baby has decided nursing takes to much of his crawling time up so im full of milk and have a cranky baby and have not slept.... but on a positive note last night I started my business plan to move forwards with an Etsy store so stay tuned for that one! Hope this post find you healthy!

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  1. You definitely have your hands full! I hope everyone feels better soon and that you can get in some much needed alone time.


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