What im working on wednesday!

HaHaHaHa look at me trying to be clever with the name things! Ha! I just hope it keeps me more focused and makes me more accountable for the millions of half completed projects I have sitting around. So here is what im working on:

Im currently trying to find this fabric, to complete a late Christmas gift, its an elephant pillow pet I started before Christmas but I miss measured an ear now my favorite store discontinued the line so the search continues!

Im also working on my sons 3rd birthday party goodness... now I know it might sound crazy to some since his birthday isn't until March... the 26th to be exact, but I like to have everything done just in case, so I have note books full of party ideas. Here is our invite:

Its note perfect yet but like I said a million half done projects sitting around! Then I made a birthday sign for him, using slinky dog stretched out... thinking I was cleaver I thought I would post all about my coolness.. then I saw one on Etsy.. turns out im not as cool as I thought! But at least its one less thing I have to have sitting around half done!

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