Sorry for my absents!

I am so happy to have a minute to hop on here and let every one know I'm alive... we have been so sick since November that I was sure we wouldn't make it out of winter alive but alas here I am! So I have tagged so many great project my bloggy buddies have been doing that my spring should be filled with crafty greatness! So let me fill you in a little about what I have been doing (beside have a family that has brought home the stomach flu 3 times, 4 positive RSV test and a new kid on a permanent inhaler...) I opened my Etsy store right before the big vomit fest happened in out home.. and although not selling anything yet has been disappointing im going to take it as a sign that I needed to focus on my REAL life. ;) I managed to clean out my office and completely fill it again. I have actually been pretty busy with my photo studio which has been great, after having such long stretches and babies it has been great to get back to real work. As for babies... Danger (which is Carsons new name) is pulling himself up on everything and getting ready to run.. talk about a child that keeps me on my toes. He is into everything, and he has no fear. He has to be swung so high on the swings, he climbs up and slides down our play house slide face first and he has tumbled off the end out our bed on 4 separate occasions.... he is going to be giving our bigger kids a run for their money.. which leads me to a My other little man Colton (Coco with love) just turned 3!! I say that but its also me saying I can not believe he is only 3 and was just 2... he and my 4 year old are the same size and he seems so much older.. so I threw him a super fun Toy Story 3 party (how perfect that he was turning 3) I wished I would have gotten more pictures of all the millions of cute things I made for it but i will post those in my next post!

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