toy story birthday!

I can not beleive my little Coco bean is 3... I just can not beleive it (but I cant also beleive last weekend he was 2) He was a cubby little ham ball as a baby, happy smily and always into something... 3 years later we have a chubby HUGE ham ball that is always into everything ;)

to this:

I wish I would have taken the time to take pictures of all the details I added to the party but people actually showed up early... which at our partys is never the case.. so I will just have to fill in on my awesomeness with words ;)

I printed out some signs, this was the 'snack table' I made rice krispy treat etch a sketchs, marshmellow pop aleins, sugar cookie Rex and Woody stars with 3's on them, I also made Ham cupcakes just cause the cake turned out a little smaller then I had planned.

Here is a closer look at the cake and Lotso pinata (I made the pinata out of paper machae and tissue paper) The cake was the box that they went to the day care in it turned out better then I had pictured in my head.
I wish I had a picture of the goodie bags they were so cute. I wrapped a cowboy bandana arond a cup and added a sheirf star.. they were adorable, I filled them with toy story fruit snacks, little army men, poppers, and tatoos, and bubbles.

We palyed pin the tail on bullseye which I printed off line, I had other games planned but we tend to the the problem once kids come over and get a look at all our toys and fun stuff in the playroom, pulling them out for games just wasnt happening!

Things you didnt get to see besides the cool good bags: I glass drink bottles which were cool colored, they even had cute little matching tags on them. We made hot dogs, noodle salade, bean and really awesome fruit kabobs (I will show you on our next party my cool fruit kabob sticks) I was really a fun party. here are just a few random funness to share

And after it was all said and done my kidos decided to have a slumber party

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