Ben 10 birthday pictures

I still can not beleive my cute fat sweet ball of baby turned into an independed carring skinny 7 year old on monday. He started life out like this
A cute hamalious NEVER EVER cried brown eyes love bug. And we have been so blessed with watching all of that turn into this.
I know I said it before but I can not beleive he is 7... its like not even kid anymore, its like big kid, its like the roll his eyes when I think im being funny, to old to kiss me at school, nose stuck in the DS old.... im not gunna lie make me a little teary :( BUT its not im into girls yet old so im good :)
So for this big kids birthday party (althought we invited the whole class and no one showed up... but thats another blog on its way!!) It turned out pretty great concidering I could not even come up with lame ideas in the weeks before because its hard to do aleins, and we are not talking little green men we are talkin HUMUNGASAUR..Echo Echo...Swampfire... those aleins are to complicated, so I failed in the creative show themed way but generic junk turned out better then I hoped!

The goody bags were kinda fun we made coloring books (i tutorualed about it) a pin on Ben 10 patch, a key chain (I got a bunch from OTC and they are an awesome fall back, and Justin made book marks.. which turned out cute. The bags doubled as a pinata bag, which I made out of cardboard and tissue paper!

The kids played Ben Ben alien (but just because they say they know how to play duck duck goose DOES NOT mean they really do) I stuffed 75 ballons with candy and charater cards and blew them up... they had to find ben, whoever found him started the next game. Then we had a sock war, which I think was the high light of the party, the kids loved it and it was so funny to watch they played a bunch of rounds of that then went for the junk food table ;)

So happy birthday to my big fat 7 year will always be my baby.. my cute fat giggly bundle of blue...tear ;( being a parent is hard.

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