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For teacher week we made our wonderful teachers From the desk of Stationary it was so cheap easy and fast I decided to use the concept and make color books for Justin's up coming party goody bags. He was totally into Ben 10 this last year, was Ben 10 for Halloween and totally set on a Ben 10 7th birthday party... only now Ben 10 isn't as 'in' as Mario and bay blades but he still keeps saying he wants the Ben 10 party so a Ben 10 party he shall get! (Ps I love Ben 10.. I even watch it when the kids are not around..its a great boy cartoon) The only issues is apparently not many party planning moms post about their awesome Ben 10 parties because all my searches turned up lame. And other then napkins they dint really have much 'party related paraphernalia' out. So here is how I made my own Ben 10 coloring books.

Blank note cards (mine were 4x6 I couldn't find 5x7)
rubber cement

Step one get online and find printable color pages, they are EVERYWHERE. Print off some cute ones, I even made a cute cover page.

Clamp them together, I clamped 10 together at once and it worked out easier then a book at a time. We made 100 page stationary for our teachers and I think the more you do together the better they turn out.

After you stack and clamp them all together apply a few coats thru out the day of rubber cement. I did 7 layers through out the day not always letting them dry all the way in between. It evens itself out so it pretty foul proof.

After it drys it was
still a little sticky to touch so I sprinkled baby powder on it, problem fixed.

Tare apart into separated books and there ya have it!

Stay tunes for more Ben 10 goodness coming up!

I linked my funness up to these parties: cheack them out for some awesome inspiration!

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  1. Hi Katie,
    That a great idea! The cards turned out really cute.

    You asked how I manage with 6 days you just pray for the best and close your's kind of like being on a roller coaster, but always fun.

    You look like you are doing a great job with your 4 kids.


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