Teacher Appreciation Wednesday

So we have been making and bringing our teacher some really fun stuff all week. Monday it was jazzy scissors, Tuesday it was these yummy choco dipped 'so fortune it to have you' cookies in (Easter take out containers I found at target for .25 cents and just covered with a printable I found online) Today was my favorite thing we have made so far. I found a printable (I promise I will find it and link to you once I find out twhere I got it) anyways I found this cute printable that said thank you for helping (insert name here) bloom. I had originally pictured my kids taking in bright Gerber daisy's but then it occur ed to me this weekend that 1. maybe the teachers are like me and kill every outside living thing or 2. Every kid in the class decides to thank them that way and they end up with 30 plans (since I know most of them live in apartment I figured this wasn't Ideal) at that exact moment I was visualizing an over run jungle apartment my daughter bounced in needing help with her head band... her very cute flower head band...her i snatched it off her head because i got an aww haaa moment flower head band and very quickly came up with these (PS no daughters were hurt in the making of this blog ;) )
I got my supplies: Fake flowers, clothing pins, scrappy paper, modge podge and magnetic paper.

I traced and cut out paper (green for the steam) and modpodged them on (side note, seems i ran out of white glue) then I cut and super glued magnetic paper strips to the back of the clip. like this:

Next i realized it wouldn't work... sad face... I couldn't figure out how to get these really cute Gerber daisy flowers to stick, I tried hot glue, they looked bulky and lopsided... i tried bonding stuff from my husbands tool box, still a no go... i cried.. i ate half a bag of chocolate chip... i then remembered some straws my cousin picked up at the dollar store and ran for my office. (I was so excited I forgot to take picture of the straws before I took them apart.

I had my kids cute out 'flower pots' and we glues them together like a card:
My daughter loves to modge podge, like sees the bottle and gets excited.. so cute ;)

We made a cut to clip the clips to so the looked like they were in the pot like so:
And after I had my little panic attack and then my aww ha moment here is what we have

Cute then magnetic flower clips for the fridge or files. (those flowers were pop out honey combed flowers that were taped to straws, $1 at the dollar tree for a pack of 18)

Justin has two teachers, and Brooklyn has 3 AND a student teacher.. so we looked a little like that over grown jungle house I mentioned earlier..

Just in case my Tuesday treat discription wants enough for you here is a picture of our chocolate yummyness

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