11th day before Christmas break

Ok so I kept justin up making these because it was guitar night and then day care kid was here way to late (ps keep your eyes out for a im a door mat post that may be coming soon ...) So anyways I got so lost on the time I forgot to take a picture and then we were out the door, so just close your eyes, yup just like that, oh wait then how well you read this? ok take two :) try to Imogen if you will two red felt stockings made by a 7 year old (they were actually cut and glued really well) we used glue and glitter to make the teachers initials and fluff on the top. Then we filled it with 4 red pen, 2 red sharpies, 2 red dry erase and a really cute snowman pen that poped off when you pushed a button! And here was out tag.

He has been so excited to do this and the report back from him after school has been priceless. His favorite teacher it just a ham and fake crys with happiness everytime :)

And if you are keeping up with my last 27 days of being 27 Im up to #14. Reflecting back this last week my favorite random acts have been the post office trip, leaving boxes of nerd candys on my nerdy neighbors porch, handing candy canes out randomly (the best one was to a guy on his bike at a red light. He was waving through the window at Carson so I handed him and candy cane and he handed it to the guy... it was so sweet!! I picked up some umbrellas at the dollar tree because when it rains you always see those people and think man I bet they wish they had an umbrella... but so far its been crazy cold and no rain (not complaining about no rain but I am about to complain about the lack of snow and abundance of 32' weather.)

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