Pokemon Cube

I saw the cutest thing in the world on Etsy while looking for party stuff for Colton. He is way into super heros, mostly captain America and I thought this was awesome. But then Justin came home from school talking about how good he was at the Rubik's cube at school. So I decided to see if I could recreate The one I saw on Etsy but with pokemon (since that and harry potter are all he talks about any more) And this is what I got!

And here is how I did it:

$1 tree cube
Mod Podge
Index cards
Computer images of pokemon

First peel the stickers off the cube the shiny parts on mine came right off and I didnt worry about the white part underneath, but feel free to pick it off if you so choose but remember you will probably need goo off.
Then I got online and made some 2.5 inch squares and added favorite pokemon to them and printed them out.

Note: I printed them out on index cards because I ran out of card stock but they worked so much better then card stock because they were heavier so it worked out perfect!

Next I sat the block on the pictures and marked all the cuts

Then I cut them out (not after the first two I realized I needed to trim each piece down so it would spin, so make your image about 1/4 and inch smaller on your cube.

Mod Podge on the cube and add pictures.

I Mod Podged the top of it too, (however I think Im going to get the glass kind next because the mat wasnt as pretty but I also think if your making it for older kids you could probably just leave it paper)


This was so fast and so easy and only $1 that its going to become one of my staple gifts for sure. I have seen them done with pictures... maybe if the real cubes go on sale soon I will give that a try!

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  1. Wow that's seriously amazing! You are so creative!


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