Christmas cookie Party invite!!

This year will be our 3rd annual cookie decorating party! Im so excited because my kids decided what the theme would be, How the Grinch stole Christmas!! Im in such luck because I have stuff left over from Dangers birthday! Of course I flew straight to pinterest to get some ideas.. and to be honest I was kinda surprised there wasn't more, and google wasn't helpful either so I guess Im going to wing it... here are the invitations I came up with!

Its going to be so much fun! We are lucky because our living room/dinning room just happens to be painted red! and almost everything thing else will be red and green. We are in the midst of our December rush so we had to have it early morning because Brooklyn has a ballet recital that afternoon and we have a huge family Christmas party at our house the next day, not to mention the weekend before the party is Brooklyn's birthday and two other birthday parties the day before that... busy busy busy. So having the simple color pallet should make it a lot quicker to come together. Im just going to do some finger food because the kids will be decorating. Speaking of decorating my kids wanted to dress up Who style... so I think decorating ourselves is going to be just as fun... I for see a lot of auqanet in our future. My husband who never ever ever gets Saturdays off just happened to get that Saturday off so it is going to be all hands on deck... I wonder if I can get him to go as the Grinch?

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