Friendship Braclet Kit

Remember when we were little and we use to make friendship bracelets while we watched Boy Meets World. A piece of tape holding our sting in place and we braided and dreamed of being Topanga. I have a verp special girly in my life who is about to hit that phase where you look at them and they are no longer little kids.. they are actually kids :( we just went through that with our oldest and its a sad moment for a mama but its been great fun watching this wonderful lady grow up. I found a cute started kit at Joanns the other day and decided it need a little homemade betterness so this is what I did.

Cute paper
Mod Podge
a clip Board
hot glue
The whole project take about 15 minutes to make, I had all of this stock on hand (dont ask why but I had 4 clip boards sitting around...)

First take the clip off the board, one side came off with just a little screw drive the other side I had to break into my husbands tool box to use the battery powered screwer thing.
Next trace the board on the paper getting as close in as you can you dont want any over hang.

Next cut it out and trim if you need to.

Then Mod Podge board (note here if you use a thin paper you better have a roller, try to use a thicker piece.)

Screw the clip back on. And admire your work. I added these cute little letters to make it more personal.

Next outline and make a pouch out of fleece. (im sure any fabric would work, denim might be cute, think pocket..but I liked the stretch the fleece had so I could stuff it with thread)

Make sure you make the flap long enough to over hang. I didnt get pictures but I hot glued it on and added some Velcro to keep it closed.

Ta-Da.. a perfect gift for a perfect girl. ... no more tape required

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  1. GENIUS. Seriously. Wow that's cute and so very functional! Oh, we happen to have a little friendship bracelet kit to send to Brooklyn.. somewhere. Lol. But shhh :)


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