'Ello 2012!!

I'm not sure if there was another person on earth who was as happy as I was to see 2011 end! It was so crazy and horrible from January to December that I totally wanted to skip ahead in time around June. But now that 2012 is here I am going to make the most of it!! Thats right I paid my dues to Karama and this year is destained to be amazing. So I think I'm going to start off with some resolutions... well lets call them goals because I work better under pressure :)

1. I want to loose 30lbs before my 10 year reuinon (which to be honest I probally wont even go to but just incase... like I said I work better under pressure)

2. I want to clean up my craft room and get it oraganized for some serious me space!

3. I want to get all this stuff I made on my Etsy store and I want it to sell. I want to be doing well enough on there that I can let go of this kid I baby sit... my sanity will be my deadline on this one!

4. I want to get my little kids reading. I know that might seem like a big goal but by September I want my daughter to start Kindergarten reading, and to be honest its her goal so im sure her insistance will get us there.

5. I want to spend the whole year inspiring and lifting up my friends and family. This might seem odd but the responce I had from my 27 day challenge was AMAZING!! (This one is also for selfish reason to because I am addicted to the way making other people happy makes me feel inside, and I guess its a truely happy feeling!) I have found some really great sites online that I have booked marked and plan to share with you as the year goes by. There are some truely selfless people out there and thei are so inspiring!

6. I will stop swearing. Lately it has been almost everthing I say and I need to nixs that right out of my life!

7. I want to learn to knit and croche, and I plan to learn on youtube so wish me luck!

8. I want to take more pictures of my kids doing kid things, because I realized there is alot of stuff we do I would love to pull out pictures and remind them about.

9. I want to make more time for me. I often give my husband full days out of the house away from everything but I NEVER let my self have that kinda time, and this was one I wanted last year but once again I ended up neglecting me, so this year imagunna do it :)

10. I want to make time for husband wife night. We use to always be on the same page and im worried we might be drifting apart and Im not going to let the love of my life slip away, so I think we owe it to us to spend as much time reminding each other why we love each other as possible, so please pass on any date night ideas you have!

So that is the official start to the year for me. I hope I remebemer to come back through out the year to remind my self of the things I want to accomplish and maybe let you know how they are going.

How do you keep yourself on track for youre resolutions for more then just the first two days ?


  1. I think you've got some great goals set in place and I can't wait to see you accomplish them! It's funny that I want to learn how to use my sewing machine and you want to learn how to crochet :) Did you and Brooklyn like what I sent?? Hehe I have found Youtube to be VERY helpful for my crocheting!

  2. Oh! And by the way.. I hope you get a little more traffic these next few days because I just gave you an award! I <3 you!

  3. Aww thank you!! (we still havnt gotten anything... :( ... but then again it took along time for the pen pal boxes to send too..)

  4. 1. I would love to not swear so much...secret goal of mine too.

    2. I would super love and would find great sick OCD pleasure in helping you with your craft room

    3. I can help you crochet and I want to learn more about knitting too! That would be super fun to do together, I think.....knitting circle in our future perhaps. ;)

    And....4. I will take those awesome kiddies of yours ANY NIGHT OF THE WEEK to give you guys some time. Just let me know!!! <3

  5. knitting circles ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wow we are old!! Love it though that would be SWEET!! And we are making over the whole office so get your OCD gloves on and come up with a system for me, thats my Feburary room. Im doing a house section a month.


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