Merry Christmas... and happy birthday to me!!

Oh my this month has just been crashing down around me. I did a wonderful challenge with my friends with some amazing good deeds that were done. Challenging them to make the last 27 days of me being 27 a random acts of kindness over load.. and over loaded with awesomeness it was! We had a steller nutcracker birthday party...

the fallowing day my big brother took his own life :(....
that pretty much put a giant hault in everything else of grandness that I had planned for the month. My head was and still is in a fog.. I keep sitting down then forgetting what I am doing or what I have done. We had a VERY VERY SMALL cookie party because we had already had plans for it and figured the kids needed to be around people who were happy since we have been so so sad.It was a nice gathering of our close friends and it was a happy time
Brooklyn has her first ballet recital. Which was so cute and she was so so excited! after words we went out to dinner .. because we all deserved a treat.

. We threw my side of the family christmas dinner and that was very very somber. Each day we keep getting better but loosing someone like my brother was a very hard and very unexspected blow. I didnt take the time when making christmas gifts to blog about them or make tutorials but I have lots of picture that I will upload soon. For christmas my hunny got me a new super awesome mixer... oh yeah look for baking madness to over take my blog here shortly. And then for my birthday, which was yesterday (the 27th ) I got a serger. Yeah for sergers... but to be honest it scares me so Im just going to look at in sitting in the box imagening all the wonderfullness that Im going to make with it :) Well I better get back to cleaning up from out crazy christmas but I will leave you with a glimps of cuteness
Christmas morning! Look at those cute matching PJ pants and New hoods I made.. oh and those happy kids!

baby dress up so cute!

My best friend making christmas wrapping awesome!

With 4 kids santa had to put the tree in a new spot to get all the gifts around it

My birthday gifts


  1. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I was gone for it.. without a computer. It died!! But I thought of you. Crap I'm such a bad friend. Ughhhh. I'll try and make it up to you though!

    I'm amazed that you functioned the rest of this year. You are an incredibly strong and amazing person and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. Everyone is lucky to have you.

  2. Oh, and omg at Brooklyn's recital! She was stunning!

  3. Oh again! Your cookies looked amazing. How did you get them to look that amazing?? And I'm so looking forward to seeing baking goodness and serger madness :)

  4. The cookies were so so so easy I found some great tutorials online a few years ago and have made them better each year... and those ones you see the kids did!! Thats right the KIDS did those ones!!


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