Freakin' FAB Friday!

So love is in the air all over blog land and I cant help but feel like we need some pink and red all over the house! I have also seen some of the CUTEST valentines ever. We did the photo valentines 2 years ago and make some last minute flower sucker ones last year but this year I am totally smitten with these:

By Design Mom
(Pretty much anything she put out im smitten on!)

And I dont know why I cant show you these cute ones but go to Jac o' lyn Murphys page and drool all over your key board

So there I was flipping through all these amazingly cute valentines and decided I ought to look around and see what I have for the kids to make. (And I still think at least one of them are going to make some like those animal ones up there, but with little dinos cause as we were cleaning out dino bins we discovered we have 233 tiny dinos... and yes I really wish I was just exsagrating that number.) but any ways stock on hand I ordered these about 3 years ago for a party, they got here late and I never used them so yes I have 72 Kazoos just sitting in my party box. So I came up with a couple really corny saying and this is what I got:

I just used pink card stock and will get heart stickers instead of having Brooklyn draw them on. I thought I was being cleaver but my lovely 8 year old just rolled his eyes and walked away... whatever I will just pass them out to my friends :)

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