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Mail makes me happy, like really really happy. I don't even care if its a bill (ok i try not to cry over spilled milk bills are inevitable so I enjoy the surprise of how much energy we wasted... errr ... enjoyed while leaving lights on:) ) But I looovvveee letters. There is something magical about opening a letter and not knowing what is inside. Earlier this year I was blessed... ok my kids were blessed with getting pen pals. Each of the 3 older kids has two pen pals. Some of our pen pals are amazing, they often write and send fun things, but a couple well... i think they enjoyed the novelty of it and the light has since faded. But that is neither here nor there. This post is to share the fun thing we Mailed On Monday! We mailed our favorite pen pals a snow ball fight!! Yup you read me right, we mailed them a snow ball fight.. because frankly the lack of snow this year has just been depressing. Here is our awesome snowball fight ready to make its voyage across this great country of our:

To make out snowballs we found a pom pom tutorial online and made a larger version of it. (Disclaimer...white yarn is INCREDIBLY hard to photograph so please accept these pictures..)
We used some white yarn and a foot. (laterally see the picture below)

First make sure your foot is clean, the wrap said yard around about 100 times (No feet were harmed in the making of these snow balls but please realize if you wrap the yarn tightly you may loose a toe)

Next remove yard ball from foot. (I do recommend using this opportunity to tickle them until the pee their pants.. because who just hands a mom a free foot and expecting tickling not to ensue?)

Moving on. Cut another piece of string about 6 inches long. Lay foot wrapped yard ball on top to the string.

Tie as tightly as you can creating a mushroom cap effect.

Fallowed by cutting loops around the tie.

Finish it up to trimming up the pom poms... errr.. snowballs.You will see a few pieces that are longer.. and if you are like me they will drive you mad.

Tada!! A pile of snowballs.

Now here you are thinking that was so amazing how in this world could we top that?! Well we can put it in an awesome package and mail it to our pen pals!!
For the container you will need

Pile of snowballs (yarn ones would be best as the real ones would surely melt)
2 plastic water bottles
sharp scissors
and packing tape

Cut the tops off the two water bottles.

Stuff the bottles with snowballs.

Slide the two pieces together and packing tape the middle. Add label and stamps (sometimes we get cranky mail people who don't like us to send fun thing, so we either ask for the manager or just go to another one.)

Tada !!

(Disclaimer 2 and 3... the snowballs will leave little stings around the house, after we sent these ones I realized it might be a big flaw if your baby eats everything off the floor, mine doesn't but to be on the safe side use a jean needle and sew a few times over the mushroom cap part. AND yes I realize my daughter is dressed like a complete creep show.. but to be fair we were on our way to taekwondo and she dressed herself. )


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  1. This is a totally awesome idea. I live in the Midwest and the rest of my family live in California. I have to go buy white yarn now.


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