Happy Valentines Day

Im not going to sugar coat it when it came to my husband talking me into more kids we were in negotiation for awhile. One of his requirements that he helped them restore a car for their first car, one of mine, they all got to make homemade valentine day cards and none of them had to match.... and I wish this was a joke but we have a long list of what we get to do with so many kids :)
So this year we were totally inspired by Pinterest and the blogs I stalk but for somereaon the printable I found my computer was like 'umm no you cant use something someone else made make it yourself' and wouldn't let me use the cutest printouts I have ever seen!
So these are the ones we made and if your computer isn't being controlling please feel free to right click save and print these (better late then never right?)

Justin really enjoyed purging his dinosaur stash, and encase you dont get it, it say you make my heart soar but with saur from dinosaur :) (My husband stared at it for along time before he asked what it meant.. in fairness there wasnt a dinosaur on it yet!)

Colton is totally into bugs so when we saw one like this online he was hooked. I love the idea of them getting a toy, a small dinky one but its still better then another lolly pop!

Miss complicated NEEDED candy on hers. I had saved a post a couple of year ago about a firefly made out of Easter eggs and batter operated tea lights we made a set and put the timer ones in them and play fire fly hunt during the summer because once it gets dark they all turn on at the same time... so cute... anyways Brooklyn made these cute bugs but loaded them with candy!

For our teachers I picked up a TON of 2 pack gloves because they are are clearance for $1 at target!! And justin wrote out a note that said your a perfect pear, and when I told him that was the wrong kind of "pair" he cracked up and asked if we could put both pairs in because it drives his teachers crazy that the 2nt graders have such a hard time with two to too. He is so silly but we totally went and bought a million pears!

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