Pac man

Ok so I have been sitting around all day trying hard to KILL time... why you ask? Umm cause tonight Breaking Dawn comes out on DVD and me and my group of nerds will be there to catch the first preview... which I know will only make November seem that much further away.

But back to my post. Today while killing time I made this cute little pack of magnets for one of the kids I baby sits dad for his Valentines Day birthday.

I took an old picture box I had sitting around and put black peal and stick paper on it (Kinda looks like an old video game cartridge wink wink) Then I cut out a cute little pac man and ghost and made a little sign.

But then you open the box...

Cute arnt they? They are magnets for the fridge. Two things this guy really likes, Pac Man and fridgerators... although the second like might fall in the categories of requirements but im sure he wouldnt be happy without one! Anyways, I will go continue to go sit by the clock willing it to tick faster, in the mean time you can leave me a comment about how you too are going to be sitting at target till midnight for a movie you have already seen :)

I like to brag about myself on these awesome blogs.

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