Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

OK so I didn't win a chicken dinner but in November I won a giveaway.. which was super exciting givin' the last thing I won was a cupcake in like 3rd grade at a cake walk where everyone wins something (my poor pity cupcake, which could be why I love cup cakes now) but back to my winning story I won these over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff (if you haven't checked her out, she gushes cuteness, and she is from P-Town too!!) Now my daughter just turned 4 in December and the story book was a little to old for her so I wiped up a crayon roll and re gifted it to our buddy Miss Coco for her 6th birthday... but my lovely little lady got the puppies! She loves to paint (am I the only one out there who loves that my kids are crafty but have an extremely hard time doing things with them, because they don't do it 'right' yet?) She screamed with excitement for them and begged for two weeks to do them.

She just learned about dieing and was totally upset they heads came out... its ok they bobble

Carson wanted to help... so he ate the card board with his new little fangs,

She gets very serious (it took about 2 hours for her to paint, drove me a little nuts)
And here they are in all there puppy cuteness! She put make up on them, and named them... one two and three... she is working on her creative naming lol
So a big thanks to miss Sumo for the great giveaway and happy girl it produced!!

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