Sewed on a Sunday

I love when people have cute little names for things they do on each day of the week (Example: tutorial Tuesday) So here is mine. I was hoping it will give me a deadline so I actually accomplish more projects. This is what I sewed today, on Sunday (to be honest I started yesterday but i finished today lol I'm not off to a bad start) I made some snugly PJ's for the kiddo, because when you have 4 kids you are bound to see this from time to time.

yes he is sound asleep snoring, standing up ha ha haha I love two year olds!

So I made some PJ's for them. Mind you this was my first time making PJ's and its so so easy, each pair took maybe 15 minutes start to finish for the pants, the shirts took a little longer because I'm still confused about adding sleeves. My machine is just to fat to slide them in so I'm at a loss! But I'm really happy how they turned out and the kids love them, and that's what counts!

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  1. I wish my two-year-old would sleep so soundly anywhere! Your kiddos are pretty darn cute themselves, my dear! {and 15 minute pajama bottoms? I'm impressed. Those would take me 2 hours and they'd be crooked). ;-)


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