Bird crazy!

So after getting our new smart phones we totally took the family plung and downloaded angry birds... now im not saying I wish I had never ever showed it to our children... or the husband.. but I really miss my phone! My kids are angry bird-aholics.. and we are not talking the casual 'hey mom if your not on your phone do you think I could play angry birds' we are talking knock down drag out brawls to get to an unmaned phone!! My poor phone is constintly trying to hind by letting its battery die. My 6 (will be 7 on the 16th) year old is crazy for it, when he is not playing mario karts or drawing bakugan he is talking non stop about the silly game. For show and tell he even made a scrapbook of all his accomplishment and egg findings (he found all but 2 easter golden eggs.. he is outta controle) Now put away all those judgmental thoughts I hear you thinking, they are now allowed to be glued to my phone 247, no they earn angry bird time. My three year old changes his socks 3 times a day to get sock folding minutes. My four year old is now a pro window washer and bathroom sink scrubber. and I have not folded laundry in 3 months!! For Justins birthday we have decided to get him a DSi, a first huge purchess for us in his growing up process. Since those stinkin things run for $140 (we tried on Ebay but they go for just as much.... just crazyness) I decided to make him some 'filler' gifts. And then I saw this Angry Bird tutorial on Obessively Stitching So I have made my own army of birds, which im concerned now might be a better present then the DSi! There is one thing about Justin thou that makes him harder to make things for he is anal about little details, and im by no means a great sewer. but I wanted to show you how I changed the white bird around a bit and made him more real to the game.. and what is the spechial feature of the white bird you might be trying to recall... he poops bombs (my kids are convinced its poop because if it were just an egg why would they care about the pigs taking them?) Here is what I did:
I fallowed OS's plants but I took and 3x6 piece of felt and stitched two sides makeing a pocket.

Then I sewed it down where all the sides meet up and added the tail feathers to the top so they wouldnt be on the side.

And here is what it looks like, insert ping pong ball here:

lol so if your kids are anything like mine, add some poop! I will let know on the 14th how much he loved them!


  1. FANTASTIC!! I bet that's a HUGE hit! :o) thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Your "modification" is so clever!


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