Whats in a name?

What is in a name... a rose by any other name would smell as sweetly... REALLY???!!! Sure a rose may smell as sweet but my daughters name is not a stinkin rose!!! There are few thing in life that i consider pet peeves, those things that rub you the wrong time EVERY time it happen, for me its little things, like people who take 10 minutes to order from Taco bell... dude the menu never changes order the burrito already! #2 People who are late, its not that hard to be on time, even early, but its not ok to be 30 minutes early for a party.. that valuable prep time. And the most annoying thing is when people (mostly family members..) call my daughter Brooke. Dont get me wrong its a pretty name but its not her name and its not something we want her to be called. Her name is Brooklyn Jane. She will answer to Brooklyn, Jane, Janie lyn, or lyn... we have asked a million times she be called Lyn and not Brooke. Simply because that is who she is to us, she is Lyn. For example my SIL has a daughter named Isabelle, and they call her izzy... i dont personally like it but im not going to call her Bella because I think its prettier.. but yet they all feel its ok to call her Brooke and then make fun when I correct them. GGRRRR im sorry I had to vent but its either I have my pity party on here or I get uninvited to family get together ;)So my question to you is, are there thing that drive you absolutely insane like this?

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