Easy Pillow Dolls

We have a family birthday coming up... well 3 very important birthdays! My triplet niece and nephews first birthday on the sixth and boy have they come along way. Miss Brooklyn kept asking to make Isabella dolls for her birthday so I had to do some thinking on that one. I dont know how to embroider and there is no way I would let my insane (yet wonderfully amazing) 4 year old try it with a needle then I remember these dolls I had when I was little. I always assumed they were called pillow dolls because they were stuffed dolls, I searched the Internet for days and came up with nothing, nothing at all of what I had, then I ran to etsy searching endless pages of dolls, and found Stache dolls. Perhaps it was because mine were so old I didnt get them when they smelled, or perhaps they were just pillow stuffed dolls. So I jumped back online and saved some princess baby pictures (via Brooklyn's request) and this is how we made these! (Its so simple I'm sure she will be making her own set this weekend.)

Your supplies:
sewing machine (or hand sewing) stuff
Freezer paper
an iron
and a printer.

First find pictures you like online (although it might be really cute to make family members dolls)

Next cut muslin and freezer paper to printer paper size. (note freezer paper is not wax paper, look for freezer paper next to the aluminum foil)

Iron your muslin onto the shiny side of the freezer paper. Pop it in your ink jet printer

Print onto the muslin.(please note this will not work in a laser jet printer)

Peal off the freezer paper. Iron right on top of your print, I dont know if the heat makes some kind of heat seal but if you dont do this it will bleed in the wash.

Next cut out your doll leaving seam and puffiness allowance and trace it again making a backing. (Next time I think im going to do a cotton color to match the print)

Pint right sides together and stitch around.

Turn right side out and add stuff with fluff. (Oh pooh bear is out in the theater, how cute would pooh bear be?!)

Sew bottom closed and there you have it pillow dolls! Perfect for kids of all ages.


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  1. Holy Crap! I am IN LOVE! I think that is the coolest idea! Coco would love to do these too. Fun, fun, fun, Miss Katie! I am super jealous of your creativity!!!

  2. Do you eventually try and remove the freezer paper? Or is it sewn in too? Is that a stupid question? Lol. I'm sure those little dolls will see much love, and the possibilities are endless! Awesome!

  3. great question. The only thing the paper is used for is making the cloth sturdy enough to go though the printer.. I will be adding that step now ;)


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