Nightmare before christmas halloween party

Saturday night we threw our 3rd annual kids Halloween party. It was the crazy most off the wall time yet! (Good and bad) This years theme was Nightmare Before Christmas. We had to convince our 4 year old it would be harder to get little girls to come to her 5th birthday if it was NBC so she reluctantly gave it up to Halloween. But it turns out it was a great idea. After months of planning and looking around on the Internet and realizing not many people throw NBC parties and write about them I set off with a note book full of awesomeness... unfortunately family trauma plagued October which left us with no time for my awesomeness and a bunch of scrambled put together craziness. But it turns out those hours I spent planning awesome games like a wall balloon dart pop jack face and a 3 legged stocking race wernt needed because all the kids wanted to do was eat junk food and play in the playroom. We did do the bob for donut game but it was even disorganized and stupid, but the kids still are talking about it so I will chalk that one up to happy for sugared donuts ;) we had bought skeletons to have a put the bones together relay, however the only kids that wanted to play were the really small ones and with no parent participation it was a mess, but they all got prizes and i have 4 colorful skeletons for next year. I would love to show you pictures of all these but my camera went missing during the party... amongst other things...
The food was pretty awesome. We made dipped Halloween Oreo pops with twislers for Sally.

We did Oreo cake balls of Jacks face (but the food coloring pens stopped working!!) FAIL

We did inside out S'more reindeer's

veggie Christmas trees and pumpkins. We made spaghetti (for our vegan vegetarian friends)snowman Jack pizza, and worm hot dogs. We did deviled eggs and meat roll ups. I was surprised how fast the brownie bites with strawberry Santa hats went. And the fresh fruit the kids inhaled. (Good sign)There were mini cup cakes and sugar cookies and Dr. finklestein (I ran out of time for his glasses) jello brain.

My favorite element was Oogie Boogie. I sewed him out of burlap. I left an opening in him and filled it with gummy worms and gummy bugs and this was the favorite at the table for sure.

The house looked awesome adorned with out traditional Halloween decorations and 10 Halloween decorated christmas trees. I painted the mayor tree out of a broken lamp shade. It was the best tree I think.

We had a craft table for the kids to make treat bags and bat ornaments. The kids were so creative I was totally jealous of most the ones that went home. We bought 3 packs of 12 ornaments at the dollar store and spray painted them black. Added a Halloween colored ribbon hanger and the kids foam sticked, googly eyed, and pipe cleaner ed them. We had lots more then just bats and spiders be made and my kids have since made about more. For good favors I made crayons out of a pumpkin mold I bought at the dollar store. The kids were nuts for these too. So Hats off to October for kicking my butt, but for not letting my lack of what should have been at the party be evident. 29 kids in all showed up about the 20 adults and boy am I still one tired mom!!

And these are my little trick or treaters. Captain America, Harry Potter, Sally from NBC, and a little scary crow ;)

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