Plumblers, Parties and MRIs oh my!

My cousin and I are going to a concert after trick or treating tonight. Normally I would never dream of going out on Halloween unless it was kid involved but giving the past month life has dealt me and the fact my favorite band is playing in out state, right up the street from my house, for the first time Im not sure even life could keep me from going. Since its on Halloween its a dress up thing and we are going as Mario and Luigi!

I sewed the jumpers from duck cloth so they would be a little stiff in the A frame. then we painted home depot paper paint hats and added our shirt and our converse because yes they are our own shoes we had and how freaking perfect (on a side note this is the first pair of leggings I have ever owned and I dont ever want to take them off and while I still refuse to wear skinny jeans or anything called a Jegging, im pretty happy about leggings)

Party Clean up is 80% done, the rest of the stuff can stay up for the kids to enjoy tonight. And the mose important news..... Dangers EEG and MRI were both normal. So we go see the neurologist on the 7th and hopefully we wont have any more episodes!

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