Oh fall!!

Oh how I love fall. If Halloween wasn't awesome enough our trees are so late to change and the colors have lasted so long that every morning its like a new picture and the streets are cover with floating beauty (all of this makes me very happy inside) So yesterday before preschool we decided to go on a leaf walk. We found tons of awesome leaves. Red Yellow Green Brown, spotted and half and half in color. We stopped at almost ever tree to look up an spin around. They were crazy into it this year and it was awesome. When we got home we did some leaf coloring then pulled out the craft box. Now left me say that I do do crafts with my kids. I normally left them start them then I finish them because they do them "wrong" and I'm to OCD to let them make messy thing, which I will admit is horrible but I honestly cant help it. I now have an army of leaf people and I didn't step in once. With a bottle of Elmer's in hand they went nuts! (I even woke up this morning to two of them already at the craft table) We have leaf kings, and super hero's, and a zoo, and every family made in leaf form. we have a leaf feeling board, and a leaf chore chart... we went leaf crazy. We even made really cute leaf turkey cards. (Watch the mail box pen pals these awesome thing are headed your way :)

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