Day 5 of 27 and our elf... and a party

So my days have been busy with kids kids and more kids. Im not complaining but this mommy needs a break! We got out pen pal gifts in the mail this weekend (which I cant wait for them to get!) and it leaned itself to a great random acts of kindness.

Im going to keep thinking that's some nice people are now mailing letters to our there loved ones or people they are missing :)
We also paided for the people behind us at Starbucks... turns out the whole rest of the day people paid for the people behind them till they closed and the last guy bought all the left over pasties and was going to give them to the guys pan handling by the free way! Im happy to see my challenge catching on... its really inspiring hearing all my friends call or text of facebook me with all their random acts. I have a 22 more days to bring lots more joy and im looking forward to it!

Next we have our elf Milton. He is a crazy elf who manages to hide every time we leave the house. We have decided he is like the toys on toy story... and have been trying to catch the toys in the "live" act by jumping out of hiding spots (my kids are so geeky)
Here is Milton hiding in the fridge..

and here is where he was when we got home from the post office.. (I forgot he was there cause I dropped him off on the way out the door and he really scared me for a minute)

And here is my daughter having a good time at her friends Spa Birthday Party. (note she is smiling here but she was freaking out to get it off her face ;) )

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